Friday, October 22, 2010

Autumn Apple, homage to Julian Merrow-Smith

Although I've been drawing most of my life, I returned to painting seriously about five years ago. Whenever I paint, my goals tantalizingly beckon and then shift just out of reach. And, that's the way it should be; there's always so much to learn! When I painted my set-up, I tried to notice how the plate and apple were affected as they turned away from the light; how the colors shifted from warm to cool. Painting a still life offers me an opportunity to experiment with how I paint, and to really look and learn…intensely!

If you haven't yet seen Julian Merrow-Smith's Postcard from Provence, I hope you'll visit his site by clicking on the name link. His still life paintings are powerful and strong…beautiful and inspiring to me. I sure don't mind learning from his work! SOLD

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Sunny West said...

Pam, The plate and apple look very real and so well lit...great job.