Monday, April 18, 2011

Prom Dresses at Rada's, Wakefield

I've mentioned Mary Taggart, a local artist I paint with now and then. We couldn't resist standing on Main Street one very chilly, windy Sunday, to paint Rada's window display. My easel blew over before we even got started and the sunlight lit up the shop window, as well as our canvases (bad glare!), so we turned our easels sideways to the subject and turned our heads back and forth to paint! Such are the challenges and fun, of plein air painting. We had a blast. My painting looked rather sketchy when we called it quits and I finished it up at home—as a What's the difference? Anyone know? Can't wait to go again. Ready, Mary?


Violetta Smith said...

I like the bold strokes on the pink dress.

Debra Keirce said...

Pam, we are on the very same wavelength. I am just finishing up a painting of some prom dresses in a shop window that is on my easel!

Judy Hartman said...

Pam, you've been so busy!!
I recognized this shop right away. Looks like a quick impression to me, and I love that!