Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Stefan & Marc, brothers

Marc, our older son, ran in his first Marathon on Monday with other runners from his University. We first watched the race from mile 9. It was inspiring and joyous. After all of the runners from his school passed mile 9, we were bused into Boston to see them cross the finish line.

We had been trying to get close enough to see Marc and were a block down a side street when we heard and felt the explosions and saw the smoke. Frantic people were running away as we tried desperately to get to the finish line to learn if he was okay. Our awful "eternity" ended 15 or more minutes later when he was able to call us. Marc crossed the finish line 5-10 minutes before the first explosion. It took us a long time to finally meet and hours to get out of Boston. But we were safe and together.

We did not witness the most horrific part of this tragedy and realize how incredibly lucky we are that our family is intact.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and families who have suffered loss and injury.

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