Saturday, December 4, 2010

Garlic in Bowl, 10 x 8". I've been thinking a lot about color.

Did I mention that I'm an older person, but a "young" artist?* Although I majored in painting as an undergraduate in college, it was during the heyday of abstract expressionism and conceptual art—visual and not-so-visual approaches very far from my own sensibility. I often feel like I'm trying to fill large gaps in my art education.

I set up this still life because I loved the colors. I also wanted to focus on the subtle shifts in the white of the garlic, as well as the temperature and color shifts in the distressed interior of the bowl. I learned a lot from this challenge and may try it again with the goal of using thicker paint and fewer brushstrokes. While I continue to paint during the next month or two, I plan to do color charts (finally, for those who know me), and other color experiments. Anyone want to join me? We could create a color chart support group.  : )

*James Gurney encourages older artists on his blog:    Keep on painting!


Libby Fife said...

Pam-I founfd you by way of Judy Hartman's blog and have been enjoying your postings. The colors are really beautiful.

Keep it up! (From one "older" person/"young" artist to another:):))

liz wiltzen said...

Love the color shifts in this Pam, especially the gorgeous gradations in the shadow.

Judy Hartman said...

Pam, love these colors and the beautiful interior of the bowl and shadow on the tablecloth. I admire your willingness to continually learn and grow.