Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wishful Thinking, 6" x 6"

I painted my bird on gessoed illustration board—a very different surface for me. The texture reminds me of the way moisture sort of "pebbles" on a window. Next time I paint a 6" x 6", I'll sand the gesso beforehand to see how I like it.

For whatever reason, I love the subject of birds...It could be a symbol for the spirit, the idea of flight and the imagination, or freedom. Sadly, this bird won't be going anywhere, tethered as it is to its base. I sense its desire, though, for all sorts of possibilities!

Months ago I painted a black and white value study of this bird and a pitcher. I'll post it tomorrow. Feel free to comment or critique! I'd appreciate reading your thoughts on them. Thanks for stopping in today!


Sunny West said...

Hi Pam. This looks like a water color painting. Is it oil or water? The blending is very nicely done. I especially like the egg and tail shadow which unites the subjects. Very interesting texture.

Pam Perras said...

Hi Sunny,
This is an oil painting. I agree, it gives the impression of textured watercolor paper. I used a fine sponge roller to apply three coats of gesso to the illustration boards. They didn't dry as smoothly as I expected, but I thought I'd try one. The paint laid down very differently too. I plan to paint on a few more like this, and try lightly sanding others to see how I like the smooth surface.

Judy Hartman said...

Pam, you know I'm not a painter, but as I look at this painting I feel that it is very dreamy and impressionistic - almost like a a fleeting moment captured in paint. I just love the sunny, light filled feeling, and I'm right there with you as far as loving birds as symbols of hope and possibility!

r garriott said...

I love the gentle humor of the ceramic bird who seems to be quite surprised to have laid a green egg (must be some hidden meaning in there).

The backlighting is very fetching, as well. Nice modeling of the paint.