Thursday, February 10, 2011

10 Minute Pears, 8 x 16"

In an afternoon of fast-paced painting, I completed Carol Marine's challenge: Choose a simple subject and paint it in eight different "poses," 10 minutes for each pose. Whew! I have to confess, I think I "cheated"on two of them, painting for 12 instead of the 10 minutes. I think I got tired toward the end; it's surprisingly difficult to maintain the concentration to do it "justice". BUT, if you're a painter and you've tried this before, you know it's an excellent exercise. If you're a painter, and you haven't tried this (and really kept to the time), you don't know what you're missing! Join in and see the benefits! I plan to do more on my own. Here's the link for the Painting Challenges:

1 comment:

Judy Hartman said...

Each pear is a little masterpiece, Pam! Together they make a lovely collage!