Monday, February 7, 2011

Drawing of "The Innocence" after Mian Situ

If you haven't seen the cover of the January/February issue of Art of the West magazine, please take a look. I fell in love with this beautiful painting, "The Innocence"  by Mian Situ and couldn't resist drawing it. I'm trying to improve my drawing skills and understanding of values and color. I notice that when I feel challenged to understand something, my paint application is very controlled. Someday, I'd love to paint more expressively like this. With knowledge, confidence, and miles of canvas I may get there! I hope so.


Judy Hartman said...

Your drawing is as beautiful as your painting, Pam.
Very delicate and beautifully shaded!

Sunny West said...

Such a beautiful drawing...well done, Pam! You have some amazing drawing skills. There is plenty of expressiveness in your painting and your drawing.

Becky Joy said...

beautiful drawing, a lot of sensitivity in it.