Monday, May 16, 2011

Three Tulips, 6x8"

I learned a lot from this one, and with more reflection, (in my head, not on the vase), I think I'll understand more. Down time is so important for looking at your work, understanding what you've learned, and what you need to improve. I'm very happy with the vase and wonder if parts of the main flower need to be darker or lighter. Sarajean rightly pointed out that the cast shadow of the vase should be darker. It was—at one point in the painting process! Why did I change it? I don't know. I wasn't careful with my value families! I definitely need to fix that. So, I'm about to give myself a little time to look, learn, and regroup. I'll be back—so see you soon!


Judy Hartman said...

Oh Pam, my first reaction to your painting was to catch my breath. It is really lovely!!

Lorraine Shirkus said...

I had the same reaction as Judy! Beautiful color, the corals against the gray-greens. I also agree with your observation about down time . . . I seem to need training in viewing my own work, to not make judgments too quickly.